Additional Pet Loss Support Resources

Every pet owner deserves plenty of support as they are grieving the loss of a beloved pet. Visit these helpful links to explore additional resources to help navigate your pet loss journey.

Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement

An online facilitated chatroom for those experiencing a recent loss, offered six days per week.

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Find personal support resources, a weekly Candle Ceremony, a chat room, safe message boards, healing poetry (including the original Rainbow Bridge poem), and much more.



Lightning Strike Pet Loss Support

One of the original online pet loss support sites, created in 1996. Provides help for pet lovers with a pet loss message board, pet loss book store, additional website links and a Facebook page. 

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Dignified Pet Services - Pet Cremation Services in Portland

Cremation services for your dog, cat and other pets in a dignified and family owned setting.

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Veterinary Hospital Portland

Call before you arrive, please. 

Call 503-228-7281 x2 to have your pet evaluated by an experienced technician to understand all of your care options.
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