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Enid Traisman

Enid Traisman, certified grief counselor & Director of the DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Program, shares her insight to help others navigate the grief of losing a beloved pet. Grieving for a loved pet is a natural, normal and personal process. Because they touched our lives so deeply they are deserving of our grief. Learn tips and tools for healing.

Who attends group? Should I come?

The people who attend group are the folks who have been lucky enough to experience a very special bond with their companion animal.  They are grief stricken over the loss or anticipated loss of their beloved pet.
The people who attend group are male and female, young, old and every age in between, of every race and sexual orientation. 
The people who attend group have had their pets for 20 years, or less than a year.  Their pet has been diagnosed with cancer or has been euthanized to end the suffering of terminal old age. Their pet may have been hit by a car or attacked by a coyote. ... Read More >

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Dealing with Guilt

Guilt is a cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person believes—accurately or not—that he or she has violated a moral standard, and bears significant responsibility for that violation.

Guilt comes up very often in my pet loss support groups. Guilt can invoke in us the deepest, most terrible feelings of loss, horror, anger, and helplessness. The questions come up; Why did I do what I did?  Why couldn’t I have done more? Did I kill my beloved pet? Did I not do enough? Did I do too much? Did I put him/her down too soon? Did I wait too long? If only I had closed the... Read More >

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I Love my House Call, Mobile Veterinarian

I feel so lucky that I have an amazing veterinarian who comes to my house! Dr. Louise Mesher, DVM, owner of At Home Veterinary Services provides excellent day-to-day veterinary care for my diverse pack of five. Of course, for any emergency or critical care medical needs, my brood would be taken to DoveLewis. For their non-emergent medical needs—more of the preventive medicine and wellness care—Dr. Mesher is an incredible and compassionate resource.

There are so many benefits to having Dr. Mesher and her technician come to my house for all of my animal companions medical care;

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February is “Mend a Broken Heart ” month

February is “Mend a Broken Heart” month.


Lighting a candle in honor of those who have passed is a centuries old tradition that allows us to express what we cannot communicate with words. Lighting a candle for our loved ones is a meaningful act. It helps us to remember and honor their life and their memory. For many, candles can be reflections of our emotional self. A memorial candle can be symbolic of the spirit of a loved one, bringing darkness into light and bringing light to our wishes and hopes. The finished memorial candle looks beautiful in your home - whether that’s a... Read More >

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Last photos

Last March, I received an email from a woman named Kristin. She was writing to introduce herself and request an informational interview to talk about pet loss support and to offer her unique services as a hospice photographer.

Upon meeting Kristin, I immediately felt a comfortable connection. She described herself as a former zookeeper turned animal photographer/volunteer for the Legacy Hospice Pet Peace of Mind Program. She said her experience taking photos of hospice patients with their pets was more humbling and meaningful than she could have ever imagined. She also felt her... Read More >

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