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Enid Traisman

Enid Traisman, certified grief counselor & Director of the DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Program, shares her insight to help others navigate the grief of losing a beloved pet. Grieving for a loved pet is a natural, normal and personal process. Because they touched our lives so deeply they are deserving of our grief. Learn tips and tools for healing.

The “Dear Enid” blog post series is my new advice column.

I invite you to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) about your beloved pet. Include questions, concerns, fears, hopes, dreams—everything related to that magical human-animal bond you were blessed to experience. I will respond to support you as you navigate your life without your pet. I will do my best to share the wisdom I have gained as facilitator of the DoveLewis pet loss support program for the past 27 years.

~Enid Traisman, DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Director

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Tuffy Sam: A Pet Loss Story

The following pet loss story was sent to DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Director Enid Traisman from Nav Sam. Please feel free to submit your own pet loss story here.

Imagine the ocean. The big blue bizarre ocean. You are seated on the golden beach facing the far horizon. Do you feel the wind blowing through your hair? The weather is picture perfect. You are experiencing profound mirth. Relaxed. Life cannot be better than that! Abruptly, you open your eyes and witness how the clear blue sky turns into all sorts of grays. Simultaneously the seemingly innocent waves begin to clash. There is... Read More >

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2014 8th Annual Service of Remembrance

I hope you can join me on December4th for our 8th annual Service of Remembrance and candle lighting ceremony, hosted by the DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Program in partnership with Dignified Pet Services.

Please join us in celebration of the invisible yet undeniable bond between humans and our beloved companion animals who are no longer here. Together, surrounded by others who understand this bond, we will light candles in memory of those who are no longer here.

Event Details:

The Old Church - 1422 SW 11th Ave., Portland                                          ... Read More >

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Please, Share Your Story

Did you know that sharing your story with others may help with your grieving and healing process?  It’s true, I have had the honor of witnessing this phenomenon first hand over the years as the founder of DoveLewis Pet Loss Support Program. Storytelling is considered one of the oldest healing arts; it has been used for centuries as a beneficial way for grieving people to cope with loss. 

Experiencing the loss of a very close companion animal can disrupt your world and cause you to re-evaluate your priorities and think about mortality.  When a significant life event like this... Read More >

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Who attends group? Should I come?

The people who attend group are the folks who have been lucky enough to experience a very special bond with their companion animal.  They are grief stricken over the loss or anticipated loss of their beloved pet.
The people who attend group are male and female, young, old and every age in between, of every race and sexual orientation. 
The people who attend group have had their pets for 20 years, or less than a year.  Their pet has been diagnosed with cancer or has been euthanized to end the suffering of terminal old age. Their pet may have been hit by a car or attacked by a coyote. ... Read More >

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