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DoveLewis Overnight Monitoring

Dove Lewis

We launched Dove O|N Monitoring specifically with the needs of the veterinary community and pet owners in mind. Your feedback helped us tailor the program to better serve you, your clients and your patients.

Dove Overnight Monitoring…...................$250

The Dove Overnight Monitoring package is $250 and includes exam, 12-hour block in our hospital with fluids, pain management—antibiotics, or oral medications as prescribed by the referring veterinarian (if indicated) and patient status lab work (if necessary).


  • Patient must be stable with no major electrolyte or blood glucose derangements
  • Minimal blood work (including electrolytes as a bare minimum) checked by referring DVM within 8–12 hours of presentation
  • IV catheter placement and treatments should be initiated at the referring clinic prior to transfer


  • Patient requires additional blood work outside of electrolytes, glucose, ionized calcium and ionized magnesium, lactate, BUN, creatinine and PCV/TS
  • Patient requires additional diagnostics such as ECG, radiographs or ultrasound
  • Medical condition of patient becomes less stable
  • Need for oxygen, vaso pressor or excessive nursing care

Treatments included in this package:

  • Fluids and additives as started by the referring DVM
  • Medication administration at the same doses and routes of administration as prescribed by referring DVM
  • Rewarming
  • Blood work pulled twice (includes electrolytes, glucose, ionized calcium and ionized magnesium, lactate, BUN, creatinine and PCV/TS)
  • Replacement IV catheter if it becomes necessary

Treatments not included in this package:

  • Continuous ECG monitoring
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Blood products

Medications dispensed by DoveLewis for home use are an additional fee and are not included in the price of the overnight monitoring package. Prices are subject to change. Please call for current pricing information.

For more information, call our direct backline 971.255.5990


“Life-saving… invaluable.”
~Nya Gilmartin, DVM
Orchard Hills Animal Hospital

“The medical team at Frontier Veterinary Hospital is so thankful and appreciative of Dove’s overnight monitoring package and their shuttle service.  We have utilized both services many times.  It is such a relief to be able to send over our stable post-operative/milder medical patients and know that we don’t have to worry about them at home overnight – essentially the overnight monitoring package is an extension of our hospital’s continued care.  Clients love the idea of the shuttle and it has made the transport so much more convenient, especially as we are on the farther west side.  Thank you, Dove!”
~Lisa Yung, DVM - Frontier Veterinary Hospital

“The overnight monitoring package provided by DoveLewis has been a life-saver in more ways than one, for our doctors, clients, and patients of St. Johns Veterinary Clinic. It removes the worry over maintaining the recently unblocked cat, the post-op foreign body dog, or the pancreatitis patient that needs more than 8 hours of IV fluid therapy. What a relief to know that our patients will be monitored and cared for in such good fashion, and return to us with updated progress reports. We value this service greatly, with the peace of mind it has offered over the years.  Thank you, Dove!”
~Mary Blankevoort, DVM - St. Johns Veterinary Clinic

“The team that performs the Critical Transport are professional and efficient.  And, it’s a great service to offer to our clients to ensure their pets arrive safely at Dove, to get the care they need.”
~Banfield Pet Hospital - NE 82nd


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