Emergency and Critical Care

Emergency Care

DoveLewis is equipped and prepared to handle any pet emergency with skill, speed and compassion. We treat all kinds of emergencies, have the ability to offer all levels of care and are outfitted to care for even the most critical patients. Emergency care involves stabilizing the patient and may include placing intravenous catheters, administering IV fluids, pain medications, oxygen therapy and sometimes blood or plasma transfusions. Our in-house laboratory, radiology and ultrasound capabilities enable us to get crucial diagnostic information very quickly.

Additionally, our Blood Bank Program guarantees that our canine and feline patients have access to a safe and adequate blood supply. Additional surgeons and technical staff are on-call should the need arise.

Critical Care

DoveLewis operates a fully equipped, state-of-the-art Intensive Care Unit staffed by highly trained veterinarians and veterinary technicians. DoveLewis has a team of board-certified critical care specialist veterinarians (criticalists) and certified emergency and critical care veterinary technicians to provide specialized care for our patients. Critical care is a veterinary specialty – with very few veterinarians in the country certified at this level. Criticalists undergo an additional four years of specialized training and certification in treating animals with life-threatening conditions caused by trauma or severe illness.

Critical patients are closely monitored with continuous ECGs, oxygen support, fluid pumps, blood pressure monitoring and other advanced procedures. All DoveLewis patients receive round-the-clock observation and treatment. Once the patient is stabilized and out of immediate danger, he or she can either return home or go to your regular veterinarian.

Critical Care Specialists

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Lee Herold,
Chief Medical Officer
Erika Loftin,