COVID-19 Precautions

Our 24/7 medical services are currently available with some adjusted policies for the protection of our patients, their families, and the dedicated staff who keep our organization running every day and night.

When You Arrive: Check-in Process

Call us upon arrival. We will ask you a few questions about your pet's health and your own health to identify the best way to care for your pet while protecting the safety of people. For the emergency team, call 503-228-7281 and for specialty appointments, call 971-255-5995

Your pet must be on a leash or in a carrier. Once they are hospitalized, we'll ask you to take home all personal items (leashes, pet carriers, toys etc.).

Wait in your car or outside of the hospital. A team member will meet you and your pet at your car and you'll receive updates by phone. If you are unable to wait in your car, please let us know and we will accommodate you. 

If you are seeking financial aid, please review the medical and financial qualifications. Our financial and medical aid programs are designed to give animals the best chance at a healthy future, so there are requirements to qualify to receive the funds.

Wait Times, Updates, and More

Wait times can be similar to human ERs. DoveLewis is a high-traffic ER and ICU that can treat up to 100 animals a day, and wait times during peak periods can be long. There is a misconception that animal emergencies are simple, but they are not. We appreciate your patience as we work hard to treat every animal in our care. 

We are experience higher-than-usual call volume. Because of social distancing, most of our communication with pet owners is happening over the phone and you may be placed on an extended hold. 

Most communication will happen via phone or email.  Our teams are working hard to treat patients and keep their families updated, but please expect most of your interaction with our team to be via phone or email. 

Social Distancing Expectations

If your pet needs emergency care, and you currently have symptoms of respiratory illness.  Please designate another healthy family member or friend to bring your pet to DoveLewis. If you must bring your pet yourself, please call our main line before exiting your car so we can facilitate a safe transfer of your pet to our care. This may involve collecting the pet in our parking area.

All visitors must wear a mask. In accordance with the Oregon Health Authority, employees, contractors, volunteers, customers, and visitors are required to wear masks, face shields, or face covering unless they are under the age of 12 or require an accommodation or exemption under federal or state law. 

Keep at least 6 feet between people. Tape is on our lobby floor to help estimate a safe distance between visitors.

Wash your hands often using soap and water (at least 20 seconds). Use hand sanitizer if soap is not available. We have restrooms available for visitors in both downstairs and upstairs lobbies.

Cover coughs and sneeze with tissue or hands. Wash hands immediately following cough or sneeze.

Thank you for helping us keep other pet lovers, including our staff, healthy so we can help as many animals as possible!

Blog: Planning for a Pet Emergency

DoveLewis is encouraging families to plan for the health and safety of their pets. With ill family members, school cancellations, and changing work environments, a pet’s health could be at risk.

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