Tony Ogden

Tony Ogden, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer at the Bates Group joined the DoveLewis Board of Directors in 2019.  Before joining the Bates Group, Ogden served as the Deputy Inspector General for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in Washington, DC.  His prior roles include General Counsel to the Inspector General at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Inspector General of the U.S. Government Publishing Office. Before joining federal service, Ogden served as the Litigation and Compliance Counsel for the Tobacco Project at the National Association of Attorneys General and is a former Colorado Assistant Attorney General.

His relationship with the Oregon nonprofit began in 2017 when DoveLewis’ board-certified internal medicine specialist treated his dog, Brenna. It was during those visits that Ogden and his husband became enamored with the hospitals’ mission to help animals and the people who love them—and he knew he needed be involved.

“DoveLewis is truly more than an emergency hospital.  The critical care and specialty services are crucial. DoveLewis is filling an obvious gap for families in our community and I am proud to support such an important organization,” said Ogden.

Initially a steadfast philanthropic supporter, his commitment to the hospital’s services has only grown, culminating in his appointment to the Board of Directors.

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