Scott Bontempo

Scott Bontempo is the founder of Bontempo Advisory Services, a value creation focused human capital firm servicing private equity, hedge fund and select public companies across all industries.  His responsibilities include Board governance matters, organizational design, executive assessments and acquisition, management development and compensation. He also is a founding Partner of Grantchester Group, an independent sponsor in the healthcare and energy investment sectors.  He has prior operational and human resource experience at Welsh Carson, Cerberus Capital, Dex Media, PepsiCo and Kraft Foods.

Scott Bontempo received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Ashland University and a Masters in Management and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Scott and his spouse Sharon are long time owners of arguably the world’s oldest dog breed, the Saluki. Currently they share their home with four dogs who often remind them they are outnumbered.

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