Charitable Check-off

Help us collect 10,000 signatures so that Oregonians can donate portions of their tax refund to help stray pets and injured or ill wildlife.

What is Oregon Charitable Check-off

We have been granted an extension for our Save Me With Your Signature campaign!  Our deadline has been extended through June 2021 due to COVID-19.  This is a tremendous opportunity to establish a new channel for donations that will sustain DoveLewis for years to come.  

Oregon Charitable Check-Off is an easy way for taxpayers to donate a portion of their income tax refund to eligible charities. DoveLewis is trying to be listed on Oregon tax return forms as one of the charities tax filers can donate their refund to. The State of Oregon requires us to collect at least 10,000 signatures from Oregon registered voters to do this.  People are signing to verify that we are a charity in Oregon eligible to receive donations.

How can you help? It's easy!

  1. Request a signature sheet be sent to you.
  2. Collect as many signatures as possible.
  3. Mail them back to us.
  4. Volunteer to collect signatures. 

Volunteer to Collect Signatures

For More Information

Help gather signatures on behalf of DoveLewis or ask us questions!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is DoveLewis doing Oregon Charitable Check-off?

Organizations on the Charitable Check-Off list received, on average, nearly $18,000 last tax year. To be eligible, DoveLewis must collect at least 10,000 unduplicated signatures of Oregon voters. 

What if I already collected signatures?

We have turned in the signatures we have already collected.  Thank you for your help!  If you know of others that you can collect signatures from please join us in our continuing effort.

How will an individual’s personal information be used if they participate in the Oregon Charitable Checkoff?

DoveLewis will NOT use or save information from the Oregon Charitable Checkoff. This is NOT a donation and NOT political.

How should the Oregon Charitable Checkoff signature sheets be completed?
  • Do not alter either side of the form in any way.
  • You can make copies of the form.
  • Only signatures and information in the appropriate spaces on the form will be counted.  Do not add additional lines to the form.
  • Each line item must be completed to qualify.  DoveLewis will NOT use or save this information for any reason other than this signature drive.
  • Everyone who signs the petition must be a registered Oregon voter.
  • The petition circulator must be of voting age but does not have to be a registered voter.
  • You must see each person sign the petition.
  • When your sheet is finished (with any number of signatures) sign, print and date the sheet.
  • You cannot include your signature on a sheet that you are signing at the bottom.  Please use a separate sheet and have one of the people signing your petition witness it for you.