Steve Ault

Dr. Steve Ault moved to Portland in 2014 after nearly 7 years away from the city. While originally from Salt Lake City, UT, he came to love Portland while attending the University of Portland for his undergraduate degree. He fell in love with the people, vibe, and laid-back attitude of the city. 
He took some time after graduating from UP to obtain more experience before attending veterinary school. Dr. Ault has worked not only in a small animal clinic, but also an equine hospital and an exotics clinic. He attended veterinary school at Washington State University in Pullman, WA and graduated in 2012. After graduation, he returned to Salt Lake City and worked in a large veterinary hospital. In addition to providing general medicine and surgery, the hospital offered 24-hour emergency care where he gained a lot of technical and medical experience managing ER cases. Currently, his personal interests in veterinary medicine include radiology/ultrasonography, soft-tissue surgery, and emergency medicine.
When not focusing on improving the health of animals, he typically enjoys “outdoor” activities such as running, biking (road and mountain), and swimming.  Dr. Ault has completed two full-distance Ironman races along with a handful of marathons.  Being from Utah, he’s definitely a ski bum at heart! Dr. Ault does a lot of these activities with his wife, son, and daughter.  They also have two furry companions, a Golden Retriever named Penny, and a cat named Vivian.

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