About COVID's Impact

Our team of essential workers and caregivers treat over 500 animals each week. We have never experienced a period like this in our 50-year history, and we are doing everything we can to work under the impact of COVID-19 on our staff, surrounding clinics, and patient load.

How is COVID-19 Impacting Your Visit?

Number of Patients

Doctors in ER

With other ERs reducing their hours and services, more patients are being directed to us. We have committed to never closing our doors, but it means our ER is very busy.

Wait Times

Veterinarians Radiology

Local closures, more pets, and social distancing precautions are all playing a role in our ability to work quickly. This is temporary, but we understand it is impacting you today.

Hold Time

Weekly Wait Times

Because we can care for over 100 patients in a day, our time on the phone with worried people like you has increased. We appreciate your patience.

Updates on Your Pet

Weekly Wait Times

We will update you throughout your pet’s visit, but we are not able to respond quickly to phone inquiries. We will contact you with essential updates, and appreciate your patience. 

Lobby Capacity

Weekly Wait Times

By asking you to wait in the parking lot, we’re reducing the risk of spreading the virus to staff and other families. If you would like to wait in the lobby, please let us know.

Veterinary Hospital Portland

Call before you arrive, please. 

Like other businesses, COVID-19 has impacted our staffing. There may be times we can’t treat new patients. Call 503-228-7281 x2 to have your pet evaluated and understand your options.
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