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We never turn away injured or ill stray animals. See what animals have been brought to DoveLewis recently. Get more tips on what to do if you’ve lost a pet or found an animal.

Longhair, female, black and white
Domestic Long Hair
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Lost a pet?

Does DoveLewis have my lost pet?

You can see animals that have been brought to the hospital recently. DoveLewis never turns away injured or ill stray animals. When a good Samaritan or first responder brings an injured or ill stray animal to DoveLewis, our hospital staff takes several steps to treat the animal and find its owner. Pets are then transported to a county shelter(usually within 24 hours) if their owners have not been located. If a pet’s injuries are more severe, the animal will remain at DoveLewis until he or she is well enough to be transferred to the shelter’s care.

How do I update my pet's microchip?

If you don’t have your microchip number or the name of the manufacturer, contact your veterinarian’s office or the veterinarian where the chip was implanted. They should have that information on file. Learn more about how to help your lost pet. 

Can DoveLewis help me find my pet?

We want to reunite all lost pets with their families, but our teams must stay focused on injured or ill patients. We do have helpful resources available, including a poster template that you can use to ask your friends, family and neighbors to keep an eye out for your pet. 

Found an Animal?

I found an injured animal. What do I do?

You should always call the Audubon Society if you find an injured wild animal during the day. They will assess the situation and either transport the animal themselves or give you further instruction. If you come across an injured animal in the evening or on the weekends, use your best judgment on whether the animal can be rescued and delivered to DoveLewis safely. If you have any reservations about rescuing or handling a stray animal, call your local county shelter. They will be able to safely transport the animal to our facilities. Learn more about what to do if you find a stray or wild animal

Do you take in all stray and wild animals?

DoveLewis can only take injured animals. If you see no obvious injuries or unhealthy behavior, take the animal to a nearby veterinarian to check for a microchip or drop him off at a local county shelter. If the animal seems aggressive, you can always call the shelter instead of taking the animal yourself.

I found an "abandoned" wild animal. What do I do?

Good Samaritans often come across baby animals, especially birds, that seem to be abandoned. More often than not, these babies are being cared for by their parents even if it’s not immediately obvious to a person. Some bird species leave the nest and spend as many as 2-5 days on the ground before they can fly. During this time, the birds are learning vital life skills. So, unless you see a visible injury, it’s best to leave it to nature. Uninjured wildlife should never be touched.

Found Pets & Stray Animals

What do you do if your pet is lost? How do we handle stray animals? We've got answers.

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