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Interactive Read to the Dogs

Watch your kids' confidence grow as they read their favorite book to an attentive, furry face through video conferencing! Not only are we doing Facebook Live sessions every weekday at 1pm (PST), but our PACTT teams will now hold Zoom meetings for a more interactive reading session for kids while at home.

July 14 |  10-11am (PST)

Dogs are very good listeners for kids looking to practice their reading skills. With these meetings, your kids can pick their favorite short story and read aloud, ask questions, and interact with our PACTT dogs.

What to Expect:
  • At least one dog and their handler will be in the reading session
  • Up to 4 kids will join that team on Zoom. Each child will get 15 to 20 minutes to read to the dog while the other kids listen in and wait for their turn to read
  • We ask that everyone who registers to participate to join the session at 10am (PST) and stay in the session until after they have read or until the end of the time. This ensures that our teams know how many participants they'll have throughout their session instead of kids coming in and out of the hour-long session. 
  • Once your child has read to the dog, they are welcome to leave the session or continue to stay and listen to the other kids.
  • Kids are welcome to interact and ask questions to the teams. We ask that if another child is reading, to wait for them to finish to be respectful of their reading time.


*You will receive an email with a link to a Zoom session  the morning of the session*

Zoom sessions allow anyone participating to see the participants who have shared their camera, to speak to the group, and to hear anyone speaking. If Zoom is not downloaded on your device, click here.


Our teams are generously volunteering their time with this fun stay at home activity with the kids. They are anxiously awaiting to hear what stories your kids have for them!

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