World Pet Memorial Day

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Did you know that the second Sunday in June is World Pet Memorial Day? This special day was created by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). The AVMA was established in 1863, it is a not-for-profit association representing more than 82,500 veterinarians.
Last Sunday, June 10th, was the 2012 World Pet Memorial Day. I want to help spread the word so more pet lovers around the world will celebrate those cherished times and the memories of pets that have passed. As I mentioned, this is an annual holiday occurring the second Sunday in June every year, so mark your calendar now for next year.

Memorializing a beloved pet facilitates a healthy grieving process and allows us to maintain a healthy connection to our beloved pet’s memory. Please click this link to read past blog posts and learn more about memorializing.

Recognizing the importance of memorializing our cherished pets, Dovelewis along with Dignified Pet Services offers our free Memorial Art Therapy Program. This past Sunday was World Pet Memorial Day, and people who participated in the workshop found it to be an ideal opportunity to memorialize their own pets that had recently died. They shared their stories and photos while creating a lasting memorial collage or cremated remains keepsake. 

There are many wonderful ways to memorialize and remember the animals that have touched our lives. Although they are no longer physically here with us, they have given and received so much love and imprinted their essence permanently upon our hearts. Honoring their memories annually is a beautiful way to pay tribute to the special bond we have shared.

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  • 1.Thank you for giving the factual information on this day. I wanted to know who started it and the official date. I searched the internet for about hour and a half and finally came upon your site.
    Everyone kept giving different dates, now I know why. Everyone wants a blog but no one wants to do their homework. I'll keep your site bookmarked for official infornation. Thank YOU.

    iao | 06/08/13

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