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DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital specializes in emergency and critical care. As such, we often get serious and sometimes unusual cases that are of interest to the community and the media. We are also the authority on medical issues regarding companion animals. From poisonings to diseases, DoveLewis has the information you need.

We are dedicated to giving the media and the public the latest and most accurate information we can. Check back here for new developments or contact Nicole Prom at 971.255.5931, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please know, because of medical privacy laws and as a courtesy to our patients, we may not be able to give certain details of specific cases.

Unless you have an animal emergency, please don’t call our main hospital line. It distracts our highly trained medical professionals from the crucial care they may be giving an animal.

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Lake Oswego Veterinary Emergency (LOVE)

Media Release from Lake Oswego Veterinary Emergency (LOVE): New Pet ER Opens June 1 with ties to DoveLewis and Local Veterinary Group

LAKE OSWEGO, Ore. — Just 42 years ago, Portland, Ore. was the location of what records show may have been the very first veterinary clinic in the country to solely provide emergency services – DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. The Pacific Northwest is known for many things, including its love for animals and this was proof of that. Once word spread about the emergency animal hospital, calls from clinics all over the country started coming in inquiring how they did it. More than 4 decades later, they are still leading the way as an accredited teaching hospital.

So it was no surprise that when Dr. Gregg Takashima started thinking about adding emergency services to the Animal Care Group of Lake Oswego (ACGLO) facility, he approached DoveLewis CEO Ron Morgan. “Animal Care Group is a collaboration of multiple veterinary organizations to support the animal-loving community in one place. Experienced emergency care is such an important piece of comprehensive veterinary care, and we wanted to offer this in our facility to area pets and families,” said ACGLO CEO Dr. Gregg Takashima, DVM.

Lake Oswego Veterinary Emergency (LOVE) solely provides advanced emergency veterinary care for small companion animals in the region. Opening in the ACGLO facility on June 1, they will provide emergency services during nights, weekends and holidays. And with Animal Care Group of Lake Oswego and DoveNW, DoveLewis’ subsidiary, coming together to open LOVE, the emergency hospital will provide top-notch care.

Emergency services are a specialized type of veterinary care and providing that care requires distinct training, high medical standards, and significant policies and procedures, which is where DoveLewis’ involvement comes in. Morgan said “The local landscape for the veterinary industry is changing. We identified a need to evaluate new partnerships in order to keep growing while corporate entities become more significant in the Portland area. We saw this as a great opportunity for our animal-loving community and it aligned with our mission as an organization. As a teaching hospital, it is another way for us to share our extensive knowledge and training in emergency veterinary medicine. And we are always looking for new and unique ways to raise funds to continue expanding DoveLewis’ donor funded community programs.”

Morgan further explained that DoveNW’s portion of LOVE’s net proceeds after taxes will flow specifically to DoveLewis’ Velvet Assistance Fund and Stray Animal & Wildlife Program, which allow the nonprofit to provide emergency care services for low-income families facing pet emergencies as well as stray animals and wildlife in need of care at the DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital in Northwest Portland.

“What it really comes down to is supporting our community and making sure people have access to great, vital emergency services for their pets,” said Morgan.

Lake Oswego resident and former DoveLewis client Amanda Sheets, RN was excited to hear about LOVE opening near her. Her Dachsund, Imus, was treated at DoveLewis and she recalled the great medical care he received and the skilled staff who took care of him. With DoveLewis’ medical expertise and training, LOVE will have the high level of emergency care people like Sheets expect for their pets. “My Dachshund Imus is like my child,” said Sheets. “As his mom, I think it’s always important to have emergency veterinary care available close to home. You never know when you will need it!”

Additional Information about Lake Oswego Veterinary Emergency

Lake Oswego Veterinary Emergency (LOVE) provides emergency care for pets during nights, weekends and holidays. The experienced LOVE medical staff is specifically trained for emergency veterinary care and is committed to providing the individualized care pets need in an emergency. LOVE opens on June 1, 2015 and is located in the Animal Care Group of Lake Oswego facility at 3996 Douglas Way in Lake Oswego.

LOVE is a new legal entity and it is not another DoveLewis location. DoveLewis has established a for-profit subsidiary (DoveNW), which has entered into a joint venture agreement with Oswego Veterinary Investment Group (OVIG) to share ownership of LOVE. A management agreement has been established to allow DoveLewis’ medical and management expertise to be used to set policies and protocols for LOVE and to have DoveLewis oversee original operations. All medical standards, policies and procedures will be established by DoveLewis under this management agreement to establish the level of care for patients.

50 percent of net revenue from LOVE will go to OVIG and 50 percent to DoveNW. DoveNW will pay taxes on the revenue it receives. Net profits after taxes are paid by DoveNW will then go to DoveLewis. In alignment with DoveLewis’s nonprofit mission, the DoveLewis Board of Directors voted that all future net profits received from LOVE will be designated to either the DoveLewis Velvet Assistance Fund or the DoveLewis Stray Animal & Wildlife Program. LOVE has provided us the opportunity to have a new source of funds for these two critical resources for our community.
LOVE is dedicated to providing top-level emergency veterinary care only. The donor-funded programs and services provided to the community by DoveLewis will continue to be provided only by DoveLewis in Northwest Portland (1945 NW Pettygrove). This includes DoveLewis’ volunteer-based animal blood bank, pet loss support program, animal-assisted therapy, education and outreach, 24-hour stabilizing care for lost, stray and wild animals as well as financial assistance for qualifying low-income families and abused animals.

For more information about LOVE, visit