Planned Giving

Dove Lewis

Many people choose to remember DoveLewis in their wills. We are profoundly grateful to our Legacy Society members. We urge you to work with a qualified estate attorney in preparing your will and naming beneficiaries.

Should you choose to include DoveLewis in your will, you will need the following information:


“Honoring Visionary Spirit and Commitment”

Leaving a Legacy - Charitable Planned Giving

DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital honors people in our legacy society who share a belief in the power of Estate Planning and want their legacy to grow and support the human-animal bond for generations to come. Legacy gifts achieve remarkable impact on DoveLewis’ capacity to grow, develop and remain vital for future generations of animals and humans. Legacy society members understand and believe in our mission and generously aid in its preservation. The Dr. Richard Werner Legacy Society was established to thank and honor these visionary individuals. 

Recognizing a Visionary Leader

Our legacy society is named for Dr. Richard Werner, DVM, one of the founding fathers of DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, 1973. Dr. Werner first conceived of after-hours, on-call emergency care for animals of the Portland metro area. He worked tirelessly with A.B. Lewis and the Portland Veterinary Medical Association, demonstrating that an emergency hospital would be a sound financial investment and a supportive resource for the entire community. Dr. Werner and A.B. Lewis also pioneered DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital’s first Planned Giving program. They encouraged citizens to include DoveLewis in their will by hand delivering flyers to local agencies, businesses and community members.

Use of your Gift

We are committed to excellent stewardship of member’s gifts and we appreciate receiving information from members who have a specific purpose for their planned gift. This enables us to ensure that your philanthropic vision for your legacy can be implemented. 

Our governing Board encourages those planning their estates to designate their gifts to DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital. These gifts provide unrestricted support for the greatest needs of DoveLewis. You may also designate a restricted gift to benefit a specific program or project. DoveLewis staff is available to assist you and your advisors with the various designation options. 

Becoming a Member

Just as the founders of DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital had a vision that created a vital community resource honoring the human-animal bond, so do the members of the Dr. Richard Werner Legacy Society share in that vision. Individuals who support DoveLewis with an estate plan gift are invited to join the society. The Dr. Richard Werner Legacy Society is strictly honorary in nature and involves no dues, obligations or solicitations. 

If you have provided for DoveLewis in a planned gift but have not yet informed us, please complete this response form. You will receive a letter welcoming and confirming you into the society. Members are invited to special events and receive regular updates on Legacy Society news.

We are grateful to members of the Dr. Richard Werner Legacy Society for carrying on a vital tradition of support. Please contact Lauren Cox at 971-255-5912 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to learn more.

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DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital
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This information is general in nature and not intended as legal advice.