DoveLewis Veterinarian Removes 43.5 Socks from Dog’s Stomach

Thursday, September 4, 2014

We’ve all experienced it: the case of the missing sock. In February, DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital treated a very unique, critical case involving a three-year-old Great Dane and 43.5 socks. The dog’s family brought the animal in to the nonprofit hospital when they noticed he was vomiting and retching.

The highly experienced staff at DoveLewis, an accredited AHAA (American Animal Hospital Association) veterinary hospital that’s open 24 hours every day of the year, examined the dog and took x-rays. The x-rays revealed a large amount of foreign material in the dog’s stomach, at which point the dog was taken into surgery to have the material removed. That “material” ended up being 43.5 socks, much to everyone’s surprise! The dog recovered smoothly and was discharged home the next day.

DoveLewis submitted this case into an x-ray contest called “They ate WHAT?” held by Veterinary Practice News and sponsored by pet insurer Trupanion of Seattle, Wash. The contest winners were published in the recent September issue of Veterinary Practice News; DoveLewis placed 3rd in the contest, winning $500 for the DoveLewis Velvet Assistance Fund for qualifying low-income families facing veterinary emergencies.
The DoveLewis Velvet Assistance Fund gives out more money more often to local families than any other DoveLewis program. Your donation can help animals receive the compassionate emergency and critical care they need. Please consider making a donation online today to help make a difference.

Veterinary professionals interested in learning more about cases handled at DoveLewis are encouraged to check out On the Floor @Dove, a video-based veterinary training website created by DoveLewis.

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